British Psychedelia: The Rubble Collection - Vinyl - Bam Caruso - Part 3

Not Released Yet
Elderdown Mindfrog
Rubble Volume 19

Side One
Ramases & Selket Mind's Eye
The Lions Of Judah Katja
Lyons & Malone She's Alright
The Moving Finger Pain Of My Misfortune
The Barrier Dawn Breaks Through
Cinnamon Quill Candy
The Scots Of St. James Timothy
Icarus The Devil Rides Out

Side Two
The Fourmyula Honey Chile
Portebello Explosion We Can Fly
Ramases & Selket Crazy One
Hayden Wood
The House Besides The Mine
The Scots Of St James
Eiderdown Clown
Together Memories Of Melinda
Price & Sheridan Tracey Smith
The Cymbeline Fire

Thrice Upon A Time (Nothing is Real) Rubble Volume 20

Side One
Argosy Mr. Boyd
Chapter Four In My Life
The Apple Buffalo Billy Can.
Blossom Toes What On Earth
Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup Which Dreamed It
Les Fleur De Lys Mud In Your Eye
Adjeef The Poet !Eek! I'm A....Freak
The Sun Shines From His Eyes

Side Two
The David Light Of Your Mind
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Devil's Grip
Art Supernatural Fairytales
The Beautiful Walter's Dream
Sweet Little Thing / Don't Make A Sound
The Beatstalkers
Silver Tree Top School For Boys

Provisonal Track Listing

Will there be a Volume 21?

Time Will Tell

lion's Chariot
Rubble Volume 6