British Psychedelica: The Rubble Collection - CD - Bam Caruso - Best of

So popular was the original series on both vinyl and CD, that a best of series was released in 1999. However this is a strange bunch indeed. Whereas the original 11 volume CD set sought to recreate the Vinyl set as closely as possible (barring the licensing problems), this 6 volume CD set, takes some arguably great tracks from the 11volumes, but adds new ones too! Hence we have the odd inclusion of tracks by Ron Grainer (famous for his interpretation of the original Doctor Who theme song) which although cool, are cheesy TV theme tunes which don't really belong on albums of Pop-Psychedelica.

It is likely then that were still further licensing problems. The good news is that these sets are stil currently available.

The Best of Rubble Collection 1
(Bam Caruso BAMVP1007CD) 1999

Serendipity I'm Flying
Second Hand
The World Will End Yesterday
Tower Slow Motion Wind
The Zipps Lotus Love
St. Giles System Swedish Tears
Fleur de Lys
Gong With A Luminous Nose
The Peep Show Mazy
George Gallagher and White Trash Dawn
E-Spirit de Corps
If (Would Turn Out Wrong)
Our Plastic Dream
A Little Bit Of Shangri-La
Ruperts People I Can Show You
Ruperts People Dream On My Mind
Science Poption You Got Me High
Our Plastic Dream
Encapsulated Marigold
Sub Ma-Mari-Huana
Boeing Duveen and The Beautiful Soap Which Dreamed It
David Light Of Your Mind
Adams Recital
No Place For Lonely People
Alan Avon and The Toyshop
A Night To Remember
Ron Grainger The Prisoner

The Best of Rubble Collection 2
(Bam Caruso BAMVP1008CD) 1999

Young Ones Mini Minnie
Les Baroques Such A Cad
Buzz You're Holding Me Down
Deejays Blackeyed Woman
Staccatos Butchers & Bakers
Mint Love By Numbers
Gentle Influence Easy To Know
Lion Tamers Light
Fox Hey! Mr. Carpenter
Afex She's Got The Time
Acid Gallery Dance Round The Maypole
Calum Bryce Love Maker
Time Machine Turn Back Time
Lyons & Marlone She's Alright
Icarus The Devil Rides Out
Wheels Of Time 1984
Purge The Mayor Of Stimpleton Hall
Lions Of Judah Katja
Glass Opening Does It Really Matter?
Yellow The Hobo Song
Lucas Tyson Daylight Child
Ron Grainger Dry Bones

The Best of Rubble Collection 3
(Bam Caruso BAMVP1009CD) 1999

The State Of Micky and Tommy Nobody Knows Where You've Been
The Zipps When You Tell It Tell It Well
House Of Lords
In The Land Of Dreams
Tuesdays Children
Strange Light From The East
Nicky James Silver Butterfly
Argosy Imagine
The Fruit Machine The Wall
Pregnant Insomnia Wallpaper
Infantes Jubilate Exploding Gallery
Time Machine Turn Back Time
Ramases & Selket Minds Eye
Moving Finger Pain Of My Misfortune
Barrier Dawn Breaks Through
Portabello Explosion We Can Fly
Ramases & Selket Crazy One
Mandrake Sunlight Glide
Syn 14 Hour Technicolour Dream
The Pleasure Garden
Permissive Paradise
Free Expression Nightmares
The Purge The Nave
Ron Grainger Danger Man


The Best of Rubble Collection 4
(Bam Caruso BAMVP1010CD) 1999

Motions Wedding Of 100 Brides
Bumble Bees Girl Of My Kind
24 Super Sister A Girl Named You
Blue Boys Take A Heart
Act Just A Little Bit
Force Five Yea I'm Waiting
Answers Just A Fear
Blue Boys You Got What I Want
Groove The Wind
Nirvana June
Strawberry Children Love Years Coming
John Fitch & Associates
Californians Golden Apples
Doomsday Machine Ain't Nobody Else
Dee & The Quotum Somday You'll Need Someone
Cinnamon Quill Candy
Oscar Bicycle The Room Revolves Around Me
Golden Ear-rings That Day
Longboatmen Take Her Any Time
Herbal Mixture Please Leave My Mind
Syn Created By Clive
Fourmyula Honey Chile

The Best of Rubble Collection 5
(Bam Caruso BAMVP1012CD) 1999

Group 1850 Mother No Head (Netherlands)
Game Help Me Mummy's Gone
Boeing Duveen and The Beautiful Soup Jabberwock
Philamore Lincoln Running By The River
Wild Silk Toymaker
Russel Morris The Real Thing
Russel Morris Into Paper Walls Part 3
Still Life My Kingdom Cannot Lose
Scots Of Saint James Timothy
Peter and The Blizzards You Know That I'll Be There
Mashmakhen Day When We Are Free
Methusaiah High In The Tower Of Coombe
Dragonfly Celestial Empire
Southern Sound I Don't Wanna Go
Fox Seek And You Find
Barrier Spot The Lights
Andwella's Dream Sunday
Spice In Love
Octopus The River

The Best of Rubble Collection 6
(Bam Caruso BAMVP1013CD) 1999

Mike Stuart Span Children Of Tomorrow
Outsiders Do You Feel Alright
Sharks and Me Buses
Short '66 Good Weekend
Sandy Coast Back To The City
Q65 So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall
Southern Sound Just The Sames As You
The French Revolution 9 Till 5
Arizona Swamp Company Trains Keep Rolling
Noah's Ark Paper Man
The Act Remedies Of Dr. Brohnicoy
Lyons and Malone Dr. Gentle
St. David's Road Strange Loves Of Gwyneth
Octopus The Thief
Hayden Wood The House Beside Mine
Tickle Good Evening
Apple The Other Side
Apple The Buffalo Billycan
Blackthorn Winter I Will
Free Expression Nightmares
Euphoria Hangman's Rope